torstai 29. tammikuuta 2009


Have you noticed those 24 chairs in unusual shapes in front of the slope of the Architecture Department? Well, according to sources uncovered by Tamkang Times, there is an interesting name, ‘spiders’, for these creations, which are the works of six sophomores from the Department. They are all the students on the course on architectural structure and form lectured by Marco Casagrande and his business associate, Martin "Metalgod" Ross. Both of them have been supervising those six students in creating theses spider chairs over one semester.

One of the creators, Chang Shui-ting, said that her inspiration came from incidental observation that when peopled walked around a curve, they tended to turn closer to the bend rather than away from it. This drove her and her five other classmates to create spider-web-like chairs that provide a kind of barrier around the edge, which in turn can prevent visually impaired people from falling off. You can sit and place you bags on them at the same time as they can sustain more than 90 kilos of objects. (Ying-hsueh Hu )

tubes, balls and plates

Without his chairs man is just a common ape.

Design & Build workshop for Tamkang University Deparment of Architecture, Taiwan.

Protective fence for blind students out of a school of chairs.

Marco Casagrande
Martin Ross
Frank Chen